Our Story

What you will find working with Alison and the Obok team is in-depth knowledge and understanding of business management combined with honesty, that is energizing and safe. 

The conversations you have with Alison will be direct and enthusiastic in how she helps you shape and navigate moments in your business, 

making you feel supported along the way.


5-year-old Alison

sat on the back porch of her grandparents house, watching her Polish grandmother carry huge gallons of piping hot water back and forth to the animals in the  19 degree South Dakota winter.  She remembers thinking “Those buckets probably weigh more than she does!”

With each bucket refill she would burn her hands and continue to trek back and forth from the house to the barn in her big black snow boots.  She never once complained and was always ready to do what needed to be done.  This woman was real and she always walked with intention.

This experience is what inspired the name Obok which means “next to” in Polish. In remembrance of one of the most hard working women; someone who walked beside her husband every step of the way with grit and determination.

In the behavioral healthcare field, Alison watched business owners and investors struggle to recognize the things holding them back from moving forward and decided to provide a service saying… 

“It’s okay to be vulnerable; recognize when you need help and choose to take a step forward so you no longer feel like you’re drowning.

Walking beside our clients and partners means showing up consistently and building sustainable growth and confidence. Alison, alongside the entire Obok team, provides mentorship and guidance in honor of the incredible mentors that have impacted their lives.


Over the years, Alison has touched hundreds of lives.  

From the inside out, she embodies the name and meaning of Obok. 

She creates a culture where those she connects with have a lasting bond.