Meet Alison

She founded an ABA company and a Special Ed day school in 2006. In less than a decade, her company grew to 14 locations across multiple states with over 100 employees.

In 2018 as the healthcare market and investors took an interest in ABA companies, Alison had the opportunity to sell her business to a private equity group. After selling her company, she teamed up with her investors to help acquire and integrate multiple ABA businesses across the US. During her time working on mergers and acquisitions she was able to experience hundreds of clinics nationwide. She identified that most business owners encounter similar experiences that impede them from maximizing their company value and growth.

Alison wanted to create solutions for business owners and private equity groups expanding in the healthcare space. Using her previous experience as an educator, an owner, and her involvement in mergers and acquisitions, she created Obok Consulting.

Obok provides guidance on financial and strategic planning for companies who are planning to scale or are in preparation to sell, market exploration and growth, recruiting and human resource experts, and compliance and revenue cycle management. Alison and her team are able to help identify the needs and create solutions for each client they work with.

Relationships and transparency are important to Alison in both her personal and professional life. When she’s not at home laughing with and loving on her 6 kids, you can find Alison speaking at CASP, attending investor conferences and networking with everyone in the room, or on the phone giving someone advice. She has built her life around helping those in need and will continue to advocate for and empower those she has the privilege of working with.