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Innovating healthcare business solutions that fit your unique needs. Together. 

Our Mission
Innovating the behavioral healthcare space by helping businesses scale in order for them to focus on delivery of service, creating a greater outcome.
Our team gets to know you and your company so together we can customize innovative solutions that fit your company’s unique needs. We collaborate with the top minds in business to create notable insights for new and existing businesses. Through our extensive expertise in strategy and systemizing, we educate our clients about financial metrics such as KPI’s and budgets, helping our clients create the transformable change they envision for their business.
Our Services

Business Operations Strategy

Clinical + Compliance Support

HR + Recruiting Support

Sale Process Preparation

Revenue Cycle Management

Budgeting + Funding Management

Electronic Systems Setup

CEO + Leadership Coaching

Our Story
Obok Consulting brings 20+ years of expertise with an ever expanding team of skilled and knowledgeable consultants from various sectors of the healthcare industry. We help our clients successfully navigate their business, implement best practices, execute a strategic plan, create less stress, and get back in alignment with their overall mission.

Our Values


The experience our clients receive within the company is a reflection of our team’s dedication and Obok’s investment in their long-term success. We walk alongside you as you create lasting impact on the community you serve.


What and how we deliver services is centered around excellence. Obok gives you the tools and the knowledge to manage anyone at any time, anywhere and instill the confidence to know that the best way to grow the business is by you leading it.


We are lifelong learners and encourage team collaboration. Working with Obok brings experts from specific behavioral healthcare disciplines allowing our clients to have extensive resources available.


We value honesty and integrity in all areas of business and personal life. Our team will always give sincere feedback and ethical strategies. We teach you how to lead with values and manage expectations to get the results you need from your team.

Our Founder

Alison’s work centers around her vision to prove the power of thriving entrepreneurs. Her decades of leading, managing and growing in the behavioral healthcare space has led her to growing and selling a business and now helps advise businesses in the behavioral healthcare space. Her goal is to bolster entrepreneurs with everything they didn’t know they needed to know about managing and leading others on their team to achieve results.

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